Fathom Solutions

In the past, data availability and reliability characterized the main challenges to understanding and improving operations in the oil & gas industry. Today, data ­flows in by the millisecond, however - most of the engineering practices remain the same. Are oil companies extracting the full potential of their investments in data infrastructure? Fathom Solutions offers a Deeper Understanding to the vast databases of information available in the Oilfield today.

With automated engineering workfl­ows, advanced data analysis, pro-active compound alarming and real-time modeling solutions; our Subject Matter Expert Modules (SME Modules) allow engineers to peek into the future of their operations and solve critical failures before they occur.

All Fathom SME Modules operate on a single robust platform. The Fathom platform provides a data collection, reconciliation and processing layer that allows the different SME Modules to operate with precision and accuracy with extremely rapid processing & response time. The platform also provides the following common functionalities:

  • Real-Time & Historical Trending
  • Automatically Generated Reports
  • Set Point, Compound and Algorithmic Alarming
  • Data Collection from 3rd Party Applications and Databases
  • Automated Engineering Work­flows
  • Knowledge Management & Retention
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Integration to 3rd Party Applications
  • KPI Reporting for Management Overview

The Fathom SME Modules use the processing power of the Fathom platform in order to apply all the knowledge based processing for each application. Each SME module offers advanced solutions aimed at specific applications.

Fathom Integrity

Advanced Pipeline Integrity Management System

Fathom Productivity

Advanced Production Optimization & Oil Well Management System

Fathom Recovery

Advanced Secondary Oil Recovery Management System
(ESP & Water Injection)