Consulting Service

In addition to our robust software suite, Fathom Solutions provides engineering based consulting services to address your process automation and knowledge management challenges. By combining detailed process review and data analysis with operational and engineering concerns, our team of specialized consultants can clearly dene your challenges and design a solution best t to your needs.

Engineering & Design Service

Our Design and Engineering Team provides a comprehensive set of design & engineering services targeted at solving critical issues our clients face. Our experienced team can help reduce delivery time and provide excellent results.

We offer the following services:

  • Pipeline Design
  • Pipeline Integrity Management Program Design & Implementation
  • Pipeline Simulation
  • DRA (Drag Reducing Agent) Planning, Optimization & Management
  • Pump Usage Optimization
  • Batch & Scraper Tracking
  • Corrosion Management
  • Pipeline Analysis (Hydraulic, Stress Analysis)
  • Surge Analysis

The Fathom SME Modules use the processing power of the Fathom platform in order to apply all the knowledge based processing for each application. Each SME module offers advanced solutions aimed at specific applications.

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