Fathom Recovery SME Module

The Fathom Recovery SME Module is an add-on module to Fathom Productivity targeted at secondary recovery methods, providing engineering and detailed modeling solutions for Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs), water injection and gas injection. In addition to all the Fathom Productivity features, the Fathom Recovery SME Module creates a real-time operational model of ESP. This model operates to pro-long ESP life and pro-actively manages ESP operations, keeping the ESP running at the optimum performance point at all times. Integrating to the ESP Variable Speed Drive (VSD), Fathom Recovery can manage the ESP in a closed or semi-closed loop, allowing specialists the option of intervening or modifying operational conditions.

Each of the Fathom SME modules provides an engineering solution platform that is open to customization based on our end user’s requirements. Do you have an engineering or operational challenge? Allow Fathom to provide you with a custom developed advanced application based on one of our SME Modules, or ask for a DEMO:





Advanced Secondary Oil Recovery Management System
(ESP & Water Injection)