Fathom Productivity SME Module

The Fathom Productivity SME Module is targeted at oil well production management – applying SME knowledge to managing Oil Wells, Permanent Down-hole Monitoring Systems (PDHMS) and surface equipment. The Productivity suite provides a vault of well information spanning from exploration to production. Through integration to 3rd party applications including document management systems, Fathom Productivity provides:

  • Offset well data
  • Surface & down-hole equipment schematics & specifications
  • Core sample details
  • Real-Time and historical production information
  • Well test, workover and stimulation data

In addition to providing a wealth of knowledge relative to operations, Fathom Productivity provides an engineering Journal and Blogspace. Engineering journals allow users with access to add notes to specific data points, or set of data points in order to leave relative information for the next user. For example: a production engineer can create an annotation on the spike of production of a well explaining that an acid stimulation job was performed on a well to account for the increase in production.

The Engineering Blogspace creates a collaborative environment within the production environment. In the Blogspace users can share concerns, reports and any system generated data. Annotations from the engineering journal will automatically display if any data point plotted is associated with an annotation, allowing team members to collaborate, regardless of their location. The Blogspace provides an environment for knowledge transfer from current to future generations, retaining knowledge and more importantly retaining operational experience for future users.

Advanced Production Optimization & Oil Well Management System