Fathom Integrity


The Fathom Integrity SME module offers a deeper understanding into pipeline operations. Integrity – an integrated pipeline integrity management system - provides a single user interface that integrates ALL the operations and management systems, data sources, equipment, and engineering solutions in a pipeline’s operational environment to provide a true integrated management system.

Building on integration, Fathom Integrity advanced applications consume, process and engineer to enable pro-active asset management, increased efficiency, optimization and automated engineering solutions. Advanced applications, typically developed specifically for each client, provide a solution to on-going operational and engineering problems our clients face. Existing applications include:

  • Corrosion Management & Forecasting
  • DRA Management & Optimization
  • Scraper Management
  • Valve Actuation & Flow Assurance

Advanced Pipeline Integrity Management System

Main Screen of Fathom Integrity

Corrosion Management SME Module

Fathom IntegrityCM an advanced Corrosion Management (CM) tool is aimed to not only mitigate, but pro-actively manage corrosion in pipelines. By integrating all corrosion mitigation systems such as cathodic protection and corrosion inhibition injection with Fathom’s proprietary water drop-out and settlement prediction tool, Real-Time Transient Modeling (RTTM), and corrosion erosion monitoring - Fathom IntegrityCM identifies key corrosion-prone risk points along the pipeline for targeted NDT.

  • Corrosion Prevention
  • Pro-active Corrosion Management
  • Corrosion Forecasting
  • Mitigation Plan
  • Risk Management
  • Defect monitoring
Corrosion Management SME Module

DRA Management SME Module

Fathom Integrity’s DRA SME Module provides automated DRA optimization over a multitude of variables in Real-Time. Based on customer requirements the Fathom.

DRA SME Module can optimize:

  • Throughput
  • Pressure reduction
  • DRA consumption
  • Operating Cost
  • Pump Operations

With automated Real-Time optimization, the DRA SME Module creates a closed loop optimization system controlling injection pumps, eliminating human error.

DRA Optimization

Scraper Management SME Module

Fathom Integrity’s Scraper Management SME provides complete management of your scrapping program. Through customized algorithms developed in partnership with our clients the scraper management module monitors the health of the pipeline based on operating conditions, and automatically notifies operators when scraping is required.

  • Scraper Scheduling
  • Scraper Tracking
  • Scraper Based Anomaly Tracking

The Scraper Management SME module also provides scraper tracking, with location and velocity of scrapers allowing operators complete visibility into their scraping operations.

Through proprietary algorithms the Scraper Management SME is able to identify possible anomalies in the pipeline. Although the report represents an indication, the value of identifying risk areas for further inspection allows users to commit inspection based on educated information.

Scraper Management & Tracking